Masicorp, Breadline Africa and ERM distribute food to the poor in Masiphumelele


At the end of August, in the pouring rain, a group of Masi Corp volunteers in collaboration with Breadline Africa and ERM distributed 30 food parcels to some of the poorest families within Masiphumelele. The donation for the food parcels had come from ERM, the Environmental Resources Management, one of the world’s largest sustainability consultancies, based in Westlake. Each food parcel contained enough food to help a family of 4 eat well for at least 2 weeks, if not more and contained fruit, vegetables, dry goods such as maize and samp, as well as tinned produce and some freshly baked goods. Dr Sophie Billington, our ECD doctor, advised on the content of the food parcels to ensure it was as nutritional as possible, e.g. tinned sardines for high Omega 3 content, and dried fruit for added iron. The food parcels were distributed by a group of Masi Corp volunteers and supporters as well as by Breadline Africa and ERM to 3 crèches in Masiphumelele where we know there are families living in very poor conditions. The pouring rain was a stark reminder for all as to how difficult life can be for so many in the township.

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