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  1. I was very excited when I read this article, about your knew artisan bakery and cafe, also alongside the sewing cafe, I live in scotlland and have been trying to think, of a way to start up a small sewing ,and craft cafe, alongside a small artisan type bakery making our taditonal Scottish clootie Dumplings that were very popular, in Scotland at Christmas and Birthdays, they are made in a large cotton cloth (called a cloot) and the Dumpling is cooked inside the cloth/cloot, in a very large pan, with an upturned plate in the bottom, filled with boiling water, and cooked for 2.5/3hrs. I have already been asked by alocal shop to supply them with this tradditional Dumpling, but need to find out, about the health and hygeine side of things,:- if they can be made from a domestic Kitchen. So wish me luck, and hope you do well with your new enterprise. I wish you all the best. Georgia Clinton. Glasgow Scotland

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