Seedlings’ Easter Bunny

Easter Egg Hunt

Are your ready to start the Easter Egg hunt?

Last week the Easter Bunny visited Masiphumelele! An anonymous donor presented Dr Sophie Billington with an Easter egg for each child in the Seedlings crèches.  We did one Easter egg distribution on Friday 22nd march and then an Easter Egg hunt in the playground next to the library the on the Thursday before Easter.

Part of the MASICORP Seedlings project is to make sure Masiphumelele’s children get a healthy lunch to help them learn well – but an occasional treat is much appreciated too!

Check out our Facebook album and see how much the kids enjoyed their Easter Treat !

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MASICORP provides funding for education, and investment in enterprise so that the people of Masiphumelele - a township near Cape Town in South Africa - can escape from poverty. Mission MASICORP has over 12 years’ experience working in the township. Our approach has been to ask the community where and how they need support and, from this, we know the residents want a hand-up not a handout. We know that they see education as the route out of poverty. We know they will work hard to achieve success – and we see their hard work every day in our education projects and programs. Education is what we do: we built a library and education resource centre where over 20 programs are available free to residents; we have an important project to help improve education in the 30+ township crèches; we have a highly successful university bursary program and we work with and in the township’s primary and high schools. Our education programs extend to business enterprise, where we train and develop budding entrepreneurs, and provide training to help people find jobs. Description In Masiphumelele most people live in shacks. Six families or more share one water tap and toilet facility. Roughly 70% have no regular work.Even for those with work, incomes are very low and many manage on less than $2/day for food. The township suffers from poverty-related health issues: more than 20 % of residents are HIV/AIDS positive and the number of tuberculosis victims has increased in recent years. Life expectancy is under 50 years. Some might say there is little hope but, fortunately, these people have plenty of spirit, dignity and determination.

One thought on “Seedlings’ Easter Bunny

  1. The Easter Bunny and over a 1000 eggs were kindly donated by Achievement Awards SA and a day earlier Reddam House Pre-Primary donated 2000 Easter Eggs which were distributed to 22 creches, a foster home and Hokisa. Thank you to all our generous supporters!!

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