Children at the West Lodge Primary School made fundraising look ‘like a piece of cake’ when they collected £250 for the FACE project at a cake sale.
A total of 18 children in the upper school, ages ranging from 8-11, took part supporting the younger children in the Lower School Council, aged 5-8, who jointly ran the operation. Year 4 collected the cakes in the morning, Year 5 set up the stalls in the afternoon and Year 6 sold the cakes – what a great team effort!
It is the second time the school in Pinner, Middlesex, has helped raise funds, having already done a collection that made £50.
“This cake sale is very special because it is children helping children, what could be better. We are all thrilled by how much money they managed to raise for the project. The West Lodge children’s effort makes a real difference and they should be very proud,” said Joi Douglas, one of the FACE Trustees, who helped set up the link with the school.
Perhaps the best way to get a real flavour for the cake sale is from the children’s comments shown below…
“I bought a cake for my Nanny and two other cakes.”
“It was cheap! I bought 5 cakes for 70p!”
“It raised a lot of money!”
“The only problem was that I had the cakes and then I went to the dentist – but that wasn’t because I’d eaten the cakes!”
“It was very, very crowded – we may need a bigger hall next time!”
‘I bought a huge cake at the cake sale and we raised £250.’

‘Thanks to me and my friends, we raised a lot of money for FACE.’

‘When we were collecting the cakes, it looked like everyone tried to make them beautiful.’

‘We were delighted and would like to hear about the charity and what they spend the money on.’

‘It is a very good cause and we hope that the school goes well.’

‘We liked buying the delicious cakes and we hope the money is used to buy new equipment for the children to play with.’

‘I bought lots of yummy cakes and I hope that the money gets spent on children who need help for their education and that it makes them happy.’

‘I loved helping to make the cake sale successful. I bought quite a few cakes and I hope all the money raised goes on toys and nice playground equipment.’

‘I bought lots of cakes. I hope your school will be a very good one and hope it is full of equipment, toys, picture books and nice lunches in a nice party room full of cakes.’

‘I bought fabulous cookies that my family and I adore. We would love to see some pictures of the children when the school is built.’

‘We hope that what they learn at school will help them in everyday life. I hope that the children get an education as good as we do in Britain.’


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