Four members of a fundraising group called FACE (Friends of Africa Child Education) that is raising the money to build at new pre-school at Masiphumelele have just made their first visit to the township.
John and Diane Brice and Nick and Marion Jenkins were on a fact finding trip on behalf of their group of 20 friends and spent the day visiting the Ekhaya Lothando (Home of Love) pre school and meeting with the Masicorp team.
First of all Masicorp CEO Andrew Smith took them on a brief tour of the township, showing them other schools and the library that the charity has funded, before finishing at the pre-school with owner Priscilla and her daughter Indiana.
“Meeting the children nearly had me in tears,” said FACE’s John Brice. “They just want to be cuddled and are clinging to your legs. Lots of big smiles as well.

“It was so impressive to see what Priscilla dna Indiana are achieving in the very run down garage they have to use at present.
“Getting to see the site where the new classrooms, walkway and toilet facilities are going to be built made it much easier to visualise and made all opur hard work in fundraising worthwhile.”

FACE is well on its way to raising the £30,000 needed for the new building on which work starts in June, with a completion date of Febraury 2014, when the group is coming out to help with the finishing decoration and other work.

Diane Brice, of FACE, with children at the pre-school.
Masicorp’s Dr Sophie Billington (left) and Diane Brice of FACE with chidren in the backyard of the pre-school where the new classrooms are to be built.
Diane Brice, of FACE, with children at the pre-school.

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