The safest place on the neatly manicured rinks of Brisbane’s Merthyr Bowls Club during a FACE fundraiser was next to the jack.


Steve and Kaye Bishop organised a barefoot bowls tournament for Pommie friends visiting Australia for the first Ashes Test in November at The Gabba and for their Australian friends lucky enough not to be working on a Wednesday afternoon.

Most of the 20 participants were novices – which was plain to see as woods veered off in unexpected and unintended directions during the two-hour session.

An hour was allowed for calming drinks afterwards while fines were administered, with Kaye, for example, having to cough up for being the closest to the jack – on a neighbouring rink.

The pain of having pockets and purses emptied was alleviated by a scrumptious barbecue next to a beautiful stretch of the Brisbane River and flaming poincianas.

‘Thanks to everyone for contributing $250 to FACE,’ said Kaye. ‘We charged $10 as a donation to FACE. Then we fined people $1 time for all sorts of misdemeanours, real and imagined.’ The donation with Gift Aid amounts to more than £150.

bowls 2013
Organiser Kaye Bishop (in white) with other lady players relaxing after their bowling exploits.

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