A Christmas Present Delivery for Masiphumelele’s Creches

Financial circumstances dictate that few children in Masiphumelele receive Christmas presents. It is therefore always wonderful to see presents donated to the community from donors elsewhere in the cape Peninsula, South Africa and even overseas.  Thanks to a group of her friends, Masicorp volunteer Sophie Billington was able to deliver a Christmas present to every child in all 21 of Masiphumelele’s unregistered crèches.

A big thank you from Masicorp to Sophie’s mother for sewing together the gift bags, Renee Shearing for filling them and Debby Johnson and Wendy Drummond for all of their help in organising the drop off with their team of volunteers below. The assistance of FISH HOEK SLSC Nippers is also gratefully acknowledged.

delivery team Each crèche was visited including Masi Educare where we must also thank Gap year SA for their help in arranging the food for a Christmas party to go with the presents.

masieducareSophie’s volunteer team also visited Siyakhulisa….

Siyakhulisaand Masincedisane, one of the poorest crèches in the wetlands area….

wetlands crecheAnd it does not end there as later this week the afterschool club and the mother & toddler group at Masiphumelele library will also be receiving their presents. Thanks so much to everyone in South Africa and Sophie’s friends in the UK that have volunteered their time and funds to make this happen.


  1. Thank you, Sophie for all the things you do! You are a ball of fire and always ready to assist.
    God bless you!

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