Masiphumelele Easter Egg Hunt

Once again we must thank Reddam House for their support of our projects in Masiphumelele. Having helped with donations of furniture in the past, this week they ensured a happy start to the Easter break for many pre-school children by donating almost 3,000 marshmellow Easter eggs. The kind donation allowed us to host an Easter Egg hunt on Monday. Seen here is Masicorp volunteer Sophie Billington collecting the donation from Michelle Faure, the headmistress at Reddam House.

reddam eggs We must also thank the Salvation Army in Masiphumelele who hosted the hunt on their grounds. Their staff also joined in the fun as can be seen here with Gideon (who runs their after school club) doing his best impression of the Easter Bunny or umvundla in Xhosa.

GideonSophie arranged for the various crèches to bring their children over at intervals throughout the day and each child was allowed to hunt for two eggs. In all over 500 students participated from the crèches as well as the Salvation Army’s After-School-Club and a number of foster children. The remaining eggs were donated to the crèches that could not attend on the day so that everyone benefitted.

eggarrivalMany thanks to everyone involved for putting a smile on the faces of the children this week.


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