Fire Appeal for Masincedinsane Pre-School

Last Friday tragedy struck when a large fire broke out in the wetlands area of Masiphumelele. Over 200 shacks were completely engulfed by flames with a huge smoke plume visible across the region.

01 FIREFortunately there were no casualties but many residents have lost all of their possessions. It is estimated that at least 800 people have been made homeless at a time when the first storms of the winter have arrived.

Amongst the buildings affected was Masincedinsane Pre-School, where Masicorp volunteer Dr Sophie Billington was working at the time. Sophie was able to help evacuate the 35 children but sadly the school building has been completely destroyed.

02 FIREThe City of Cape Town disaster management team and specialist NGO’s such as MERCYNET are working very hard to alleviate the immediate problems. Masicorp has established a fire fund appeal to help Masincedinsane Pre-School and ensure the children and their families can be helped in the weeks to come.

With your assistance, Masicorp will provide second-phase support in two ways:

We are committed to put Masincedinsane Pre-School back together: in the short term by finding them temporary accommodation; in the medium term by rebuilding their school and the home of the owner Mandisa, which was also lost , and in the long term, by moving them to a fire-safe brick-built building. Rebuilding work is being undertaken by our partner NGO Project Ubuntu.

We have already started – our volunteer team will have a temporary place for them to relocate on Monday and parents will be free to go to work or, if they too have lost their homes, to make a start on rebuilding their shack.

We will also provide all the children affected by the fire from Ukhanyo primary school with a warm-for-winter track suit made by the Sewing Café – one of our partner NGO’s in the township.

We need your assistance to help these children and their families; any amount, however modest is welcome and is most appreciated.

You can donate in South Africa by EFT:

Bank name:                        Standard Bank

Account:                              Masicorp

Account No:                       374202176

Bank Code:                         036009

SWIFT:                                  SBZAZAJJ

Address:                              Main Road, Fish Hoek, 7975 Cape Town, South Africa

In the USA through our secure website HERE

In the UK through our secure website HERE


Thank you for any help you can give.


    • Hello Tanya – thank you for your offer to help. I have e-mailed you with further details.

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