The Cloudclassroom

When Masicorp first began working with the community of Masiphumelele there were very few brick buildings in the township. In those early years we were involved in construction projects, such as the Masiphumelele library, and we also helped many families to build their homes. Thabisa Manyase was one of the beneficiaries of the housing project and this week we caught up with her son Mluleki who still lives and works in Masiphumelele.

Together with his colleagues Ashley (seen on the left of Mluleki below) and Ben (seen on the PC below), Mluleki is working with the AppShed Network, who have a base at Chasmay Road.

ash-mluAppShed is a UK based organisation that creates mobile apps for digital education. Their CEO, Torsten Stauch explains their mission as:

We are privileged to play a part in a revolution that is happening in digital education. Students are realising that they can become the creators of technology, not just consumers.

This is exactly what the team has done at Chasmay Road. They have established their own organization – The Cloudclassroom. Cloudclassroom delivers AppShed modules as part of a digital education programme. They design their own apps as well as animation and graphic design for corporate clients. Among the organisations that they have worked with are the travel and tourism marketing agency Wesrgo and South African National Parks.

benTheir latest project will directly benefit the residents of the Cape Peninsula as they are set to run app building workshops at Longbeach Mall on Saturdays between 10am to 1pm. The workshops are aimed at parents who wish to drop their children off somewhere where they can be both entertained and educated while they shop. The team are specifically looking to provide a service that will demystify computer programing. The workshops will offer a novel way for children to learn new skills while having fun at the same time.

If you would like to participate please feel free to drop in at the mall on any Saturday or sign up by contacting the team via their website HERE

Much of what the team has achieved has been made possible thanks to donations of equipment such as a Sonic Pi from donors in the Netherlands. The team always need PCs to continue their work on. If you have old computers that you would be able to donate please also contact the team at Chasmay Road or via their website.

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