Cycling for Ukhanyo School

Masiorp is always very grateful to our generous donors, and particularly those that go out of their way to raise funds through completing events such as the Two Oceans Marathon and the Cape Argus. Many donors also raise funds for our projects by arranging events overseas. A few months ago, two ex-students of our Ukhanyo School volunteer, Fran Loudon, held a fundraising cycling event with their friends. They had met Fran during her time teaching in County Clare Ireland, and they cycled around Achill Island off County Mayo. At 24 x 19 km Achill Island is the largest Achill Island - on the edge of the Atlantic off County“island off Ireland”. It is a beautiful location with sandy beaches, crystal clear water, striking mountains and sheer cliffs. However, it is also a wild place on the edge of the Atlantic and the weather can be challenging. Fortunately, it seems the sun was shining and the Island was at her best on the day of the cycle ride.

The main organiser was Sinead Greene, and she was supported by others including Sarah Bhreathnach (that’s Walsh in Irish!). Sinead is now a lawyer and Sarah now a teacher. This was Sinead’s first fundraising event and the fact that they thought of us at Masicorp led to Fran commenting:

“It’s so great to see young professionals caring and organising for those with fewer opportunities, in this case ‘the poorest of the poor’. It really warms my heart”.

Sarah Walshe Cycling for UkhanyoSinead Greene cycling for UkhnayoThey raised Euro 1000 which will be used to continue funding the ‘Classroom Makeover Project” in Ukhanyo School, which is now in its second year now of providing, repairing, and replacing many of the resources needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn. This includes building works, furniture, windows, doors, chairs, desks, ceilings and shelves, not to mention teaching aids like whiteboards, maps, posters etc. Running parallel to these physical improvements and for sustainability, the whole school community is engaged in an education and ownership program for their new and improved resources as we reported on in a posting earlier this year.

This Project has made a big difference, is very popular within the school, and we really appreciate the support of Sinead and her friends.

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