News from our Team in America

United-States-with-American-FlagOur team in the US (John & Carol Thompson, Jane Philippi) has wrapped up its 2014 fundraising season.  When Masicorp started in 1999, all the funds raised were from friends of John & Carol in America. Now Masicorp’s support comes from the US, UK and South Africa.

This past year’s US results are exceptionally good as we report that for the second straight year, total funds coming from the US exceeded $275,000 or over 3 million ZAR.  And this is from 129 donors. No government money, no institutional money – just private individuals who see in Masicorp a way to help young people get out of poverty by having access to education.

Over the years, most of the money has been in unrestricted gifts that help us pay both program costs and our operating expenses. This past year we have also received restricted gifts for a variety of projects including the building of the MasiEducare pre-primary school, teacher training in Early Child Development, the new Maths Lab at the Ukhanyo School as well as college bursaries and uniforms for schoolchildren.

We have two groups of people to thank. First, the donors who, in many cases have never visited Masi; some have never visited Africa. Some have been supporting us for over ten years with annual contributions. Second, the 60+ volunteers who work in Masi so Masicorp can deliver all the benefits we do for minimal cost. Donors know that over 90% of their donations go straight to the beneficiaries in Masi.

Thank you!!


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