Pupils Return to the New-Look Masi Educare

It has been some time since we last reported on Masi Educare – the pre-school in the old farmhouse at the center of Masiphumelele. Regular readers of this blog will know that the City of Cape Town has given Masicorp the remit to make the facility a sustainable resource for the community. We are delighted to report that both building work and the practical training of staff are going well.

Pictured below is our builder Clarence on site with his sister Sharon.

Clarence and Sharon

During the building work the children were relocated to the nearby Salvation Hall, where they adapted well and a high standard of teaching continued. The staff pulled together and worked hard to make the best of the temporary situation. Now they are ready to return to the school, with all the foundations, ground work, water, drainage and electrical supply in place. We hope you agree the new stoop looks wonderful.


The project is not just about building work of course. The supervision of the children must be undertaken by qualified staff, which requires the upskilling of the principal and their assistants. With Masicorp support, the staff are undertaking a Level 4 National Certificate in ECD at the Center for Creative Education. The principal Lindi and her staff (seen below) have completed the theory side of the course. They have now started their practical training, with the tutors coming regularly to Masiphumelele to monitor their progress.

Lindi and her team

The good news has spread through the community and we are now receiving enquires from parents looking for a place for their children. At the moment there are 50 pupils, but when the building is complete, and new container classrooms have arrived, there will be space for over 150.

On behalf of all the children our thanks go out to all the local builders, volunteers and our generous overseas funders that have made this project to happen.



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