New Classrooms for Masi Educare

Since we last reported on the developments at Masi Educare four new container classrooms have arrived on site. It has not been an easy experience – as these pictures show. Not only is the space restricted but the soft ground took a lot of preparatory work before it was ready to accommodate the 3.5 tonne containers. The lorry they arrived on weighed an additional 8 tonnes.

MasiEducare19052015 004 (1)

MasiEducare19052015 005Although autumn has been very dry so far, it was a rare wet day when the lorries arrived with the containers. Fortunately we had an expert crew, who were able to safely get the containers in place using a separate crane.

MasiEducare19052015 006 MasiEducare21052015 010 MasiEducare19052015 027 MasiEducare19052015 013

The 12 m long containers will be refitted to make extra space available to the learners and allow the pre-school to accommodate its target of 150 children – up from the current 50. Check back here for further reports as we continue to work on the site.


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