A Certificate Ceremony for Crèche Staff in Masiphumelele

As part of our seedlings programme to support Early Childhood Development (ECD) we are committed to providing training for the staff of the crèches in Masiphumelele. Last week we held a certificate ceremony for staff from 19 crèches (15 in Masiphumelele and 4 from Ocean View). All of the attendees had completed a four day training event provided by the Unlimited Child and supported by both Masicorp and the Valley Development Project.


The Unlimited Child directly supports and promotes ECD in South Africa. They provide a programme that trains crèche caregivers in disadvantaged areas to use a high quality practitioner’s guide, alongside a directly linked kit of educational toys. Every toy and every piece of supporting equipment in the kit links directly to lessons and ULCactivities in the curriculum, providing the caregiver and children with a complete age-appropriate programme to use across the year. The programme is aligned with national standards for early childhood education and development, and is available in a range of local languages.

On completion of the training the 19 crèches will now receive the educational kits and training manuals from the Unlimited Child. All of the items are linked to the manual with clear daily instructions linked to fortnightly themes – such as arts and crafts, outdoor play, and construction. Masicorp in partnership with Valley Development Project will continue to monitor and support these crèches in the implementation or this learning programme. We will be identifying more centres to benefit from the training and the equipment.

Our congratulations to everyone that successfully completed the training.



  1. Hlw just wanna know if how can i get my certificate , i attended the whole training on june for pre grade r but i only attend for 4days but it was suppused to be 5day they promise to call us for the attendence of the 5th day where we gonna get our certificates but even now we still waiting the traing was @Marianhill Syathuthuka Creche thnx

    • Hello Khosi – thanks for your message. I will check this for you and send you an e-mail to confirm how you obtain the certificate.

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