Masiphumelele Fire Fund – November 2015

A devastating fire has once again affected Masiphumelele. Sunday mornings fire is one of the largest that has affected the community in recent years, with over 1,000 structures destroyed and 4,500 people left homeless. Many of them have lost everything they own.


Image: Chris Preen Photography

At such times of tragedy many of us want to help those affected, but are not sure of exactly how to get involved. We would therefore like to offer the following guidance.

The initial need is for emergency provisions, and this is being coordinated by Living Hope, whose headquarters on Kommetjie Road are the initial drop off point for donations. Please drop off at the security gate and all donations will be passed onto Disaster Management for distribution to those affected. The current needs are for clothing of all genders, sizes, ages (babies included). Please sort and label into girls/boys packages. Due to the large scale of the fire there is also a need for large boxes, packets and black bags for sorting. If you could spare a few hours of time to help sort and package donated items this would also be hugely appreciated.

Food items, including dried foods, baby formula and fruit are also important. Donation trolleys will also be in place in Pick n Pay stores in Long Beach, Tokai, Fish Hoek, and Constantia. Another need is for hygiene products (soap, facecloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant), buckets or hand washing basins, this will allow those affected to be able to wash.


Image: Chris Preen Photography

In the days to come the City’s disaster risk management services will be helping the affected residents to rebuild their homes. Many families will require household items including furniture, clothes and linen. All gifts in kind can also be dropped off at Living Hope where they can be stored until the affected families are ready to receive them.


Image: Sharkspotters

In the longer term we are concerned about the recipients of Masicorp’s educational projects and their families who may have lost possessions in the fire. Learners will have lost school uniforms and tracksuits, and university students that have returned home after an already difficult end to the academic term may have lost textbooks, laptops and other essential learning equipment. We are establishing a Fire Fund to help replace as much as we can for those affected in the hope that they can rebuild their lives as swiftly as possible.

You can donate in South Africa by EFT:

Bank name:                        Standard Bank
Account:                              Masicorp
Account No:                        374202176
Bank Code:                         036009
SWIFT:                                SBZAZAJJ
Address:                             Main Road, Fish Hoek, 7975 Cape Town, South Africa

In the USA through our secure website HERE

In the UK through our secure website HERE


Thank you for any help you can give.


  1. Such terrible news about the fire in Masi over the weekend. Have you looked into the Lumkani fire detection device? if enough people have one this kind of devastation can be avoided possibly. Look at their website to find out more I would be prepared to sponsor one for a resident and could get some of my friends to do the same.

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