A visit to Masi Educare

It has been almost two years since our American founders were last here inJohn, Carol & Jane Masiphumelele, but we are pleased to say the team has arrived back in South Africa and is visiting our projects this summer. One of the first inspections took place last week at Masi Educare. So much has changed since John and Carol Thompson, and Jane Philippi were last here. Not only is the site now fully completed they were able to see all of the classes in progress now that the new term has begun.

The children and their teachers were excited to meet the team as they made way from class to class. A large proportion of the funding that has been received to renovate the site was raised in the United States and the visit was the ideal way to see how the results of their hard work fundraising have been used on the ground.

John, Carol, Jane & teacher

The Masi Educare project is also supported by other funders, one group being our friends at Stichting Ibhongo in the Netherlands. The USA team were able to visit the new Stichting Ibhongo classroom and their teacher Sanelisiwe Maqegu, seen here with her class.

Doing art

Stichting Ibhongo have funded the classroom and the equipment as well as some of the playground equipment seen here in use.

Playground 4

A few more pictures from the visit below.

Thank you IbhongoBoy 1Class photo

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