A New Year for The MCC Masi 750 Sports Club

As the new school year starts to take off, project manager Vince van der Bijl looks back on some of the highlights from 2017 that he hopes to build on in 2018.

Sporting Chance Street Cricket and Soccer

The popular Sporting Chance street sport programme has been part and parcel on townships like Langa for over 20 years – an institution.

In 2017, Masiphumelele was chosen – and for nine Fridays soccer and cricket 6 a side matches were held with two teams winning the zonal competition and going to the Western Cape Finals played in Langa against Langa and Khayelitsha zonal finalists.

Our soccer team won the overall competition!! Wow! Well done to all

An important element was that two girls were picked in each of the 12 soccer and cricket teams which helped us identify talent throughout the school. Intergender teams are so welcome in our sport.

 The Blue Bells CC six-a-side cricket competition November 27

The Blue Bells CC invited Ukhyano to join their very successful 6-a-side and min-cricket tournament, held at the prestigious Wynberg high School. Ukhyano had four under 10 mini cricket teams that played with some distinction.

Importantly it gave the kids the all-important mixing with so many other schools and clubs, meeting new friends and seeing how a cricket community comes together and has fun in a competitive environment. Many thanks Zaahier Adams (the organizer) and Blue Bells CC.

An innovation: The Ukhyano PS sports clinic week – 27 November to 1 December.

For the first time Ukhyano PS had a sports clinic week involving netball, rugby, cycling and cricket – this was in the week that followed exams!

Coaching individual skills underpinned the week. Learners were exposed to new concepts and specific skills coaching. It was a great success.

This is the game plan , team!

Cricket in Fish Hoek

Teddy Nyali organized two days at the FHCC field and this was an eye-opener to the players who up to then had only played in the nets.

They were taught fielding positions and all the match techniques such as walking in with the bowler, backing up, field placings, calling and running between the wickets.

Roy Meesa of the FHCC gave us permission to use the fields. The youth programme at FHCC on Friday afternoons with Jade and Sergio (also our part-time coaches) have included many of the cricketers from Ukhyano. A real partnership so important to us.

Diocesan College (Bishops) first team came down to Masi and assisted us in coaching the teams on the field and in the nets at FHCC. Having 11 cricketers giving individual advice was a great experience for both the Bishops and Ukhyano teams. Vince took the Bishops boys on a tour of Masiphumelele and around the school as part of the programme of sharing the story of the township and the school.

Neil Carter the Bishops coach is thanked for this initiative and has asked for this type of interaction to continue next year with the under 15 team. We are delighted.


Feziwe Payi and Pam Ncwgama led the netball coaching team.

Pam brought a number of the Masiphumelele community team players to assist which was an excellent initiative. Netball at the school is very strong and the kids were given specific skills training in preparation for matches next year.

This was an important week for netball as the school is wanting to expand the number of competitive Ukhyano teams in 2018.


Teddy Nyali, frank Charlie and Xolani coached the two rugby age groups (under 11 and 13) in the afternoon. As with netball, this is an all year sport. Coolplay life skills coaching too is an important element in rugby and netball coaching and we are lucky to have coaches all from the Masiphumelele first rugby team – all from the Masi community.

Coaching on asphalt is difficult and in 2018 we have two afternoons a week on a field that has been made available to us. We can’t wait!!

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