Wiber Solutions Visit Ukhanyo School

The Ukhanyo School sports coaches and English Hub have benefited from a free internet service from a local internet provider that visited the school just before Easter. Our thanks to Wiber Solutions for their support – as well as the Easter treats they provided to the pupils.


We received the following message from Russell Purdon (Owner Operator at Wiber Solutions):


Wiber solutions is a local ISP that services the southern peninsula and surrounds that are dedicated to bringing fast and affordable internet to the people. We are always looking for opportunity to develop and grow within our community.

Vince van der Bijl had contacted us to ensure the MCC Masi 750 Club sports coaches had internet for the six coaches ETA e-course in sports skills and management.

This also gave Wibernet the opportunity to spread our internet coverage to supply areas that have been struggling with broadband connectivity for some time. We were able to give back by supplying the coaches and the English Hub with a free internet service and to help in other ways which has made us feel proud to use the power of connectivity and social networking to assist.

We are excited to push the fast-forward button on access to education and much more.

Wibernet has big plans to create a cloud coverage of internet access to allow people that have absolutely no access the ability to change their own lives with the world of internet. We hope to do that in Masiphumelele in the near future.

We celebrated the Easter weekend by ensuring every Ukhanyo learner and the staff and their families had an Easter egg. It was wonderful to see the happiness and smiles at the school.

Many thanks for the opportunity Ukhanyo!

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