Masi Computer Lab shares successes in Indonesia

Computer Lab Project Manager and Assistant Finance manager Nyasha Sithole has just returned home from another exciting overseas adventure – once again sharing the news and achievements of Masicorp, as well as providing motivation for other librarians wanting to develop an ICT programme in their community – this time in Indonesia!


The Young African Library Innovators Initiative  together with Indonesian librarians took part in a five day conference where Nyasha was invited to attend the conference as a guest speaker.  He shared his experiences as well as the various challenges and successes of running the ICT programmes at the Masiphumelele library.

The goal of this workshop was to motivate the other librarians who were present – providing them with innovative ideas of how they may be able to replicate an ICT programme in their own libraries.


We are proud to share that since returning from the conference, several African participants have indicated to Nyasha that they are going ahead with replicating all three ICT programmes in their own libraries.

Nyasha has lived in Masiphumelele since 2007 and completed his UNISA degree in accountancy, with financial assistance from Masicorp in 2011. He has worked as both a volunteer and staff at the library and currently delivers IT training from beginner to advanced levels at the library. His role as Assistant Finance Manager, is an integral part of the Masicorp Finance Department.


Well done once again Nyasha on being a true ambassador for Masicorp and the community of Masiphumelele!


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