Making Maths fun!

Over the last few years, we’ve shared with you the wonderful progress and results of our Maths Lab at Ukhanyo Primary School. Since the inception of this Maths Lab in 2015 (set up by volunteers Scott & Laurie) we have seen impressive increases in the systemic results of learners benefitting from this programme.

But what is even more rewarding to us is knowing that our interventions are making a real difference in reaching the children who struggle, are fearful, or previously showed no interest in the subject – changing their view of Maths into something that is fun and to be enjoyed.  To see these learners develop a love for Maths is to us even more valuable than systemic results and percentages on report cards.

Visit the Lab during breaktime and you will find it buzzing with activity. The classroom is filled with children who voluntarily come into the Maths Lab during their breaktime to play Maths games together.


The children play games of chance and strategy using flashcards, playing cards and dice, some sitting alone, others in pairs or small groups. One learner in particular has made an impression on the Maths Lab team. During the June exams this year, this Grade 4 learner (who struggles greatly with Maths) borrowed flashcards of addition and subtraction facts to learn at home. Within a day or two she had motivated the entire class to use their spare time learning number facts by working through the flash cards!


We have seen weaker learners’ confidence in mathematics grow enormously the more they voluntarily come into the Lab to do Maths in their free time. Developing confidence is key and these learners are laying an important foundation – strengthening their skills and growing a love for Maths.

We are so very proud of these learners who are taking responsibility for their own learning.


Our Maths Lab team hope to be able to source more Maths24 and Tangram sets, as well as Calcudoku and other mathematical puzzles and games, to be able to use in the Lab.


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