Building resilience through sport

The youth of Masiphumelele face many challenges each day. With many unemployed parents struggling to provide for the basics for their families, most young people are living in shacks with limited access to running water and sanitation. The threat of crime, violence and fire is ever-present. So how can we empower these young people to build resilience and be able to deal with life’s various challenges and obstacles, under such difficult circumstances?

ACN believes that sport is a tool that can not only be used to engage and inspire youth and communities but also as a vehicle to produce a positive mindset and promote long term change. They believe that sports coaches and community leaders play a key role in being able to build resilience in these at risk young people – mirroring the ethos of  the Ukhanyo Sports Programme.

Following on for the successful completion of the eta College accredited skills programme, ACN SA scheduled a community workshop at Ukhanyo Primary School, focusing on how to use sport to build resilience in Masi community youth. The workshop took an in-depth look at the issues youth at risk face in communities like Masiphumelele and looks at how sport can be used to build hope, confidence, develop skills and encourage positive life choices.

ACN UK’s Master trainer, Maggy Blagrove hosted this workshop which was attended by our 6 graduate coaches from the eta programme as well as an additional 5 community coaches.






Many thanks to all involved who continue to support the efforts of the MCC750 Masi Sports Club in upskilling Ukhanyo coaches.

Nicole Jennings (eta) & Vince van der Bijl (MCC Masi 750 Sports Club)


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