End of year fun and games at Masi Educare


The children at Masi Educare recently enjoyed their annual fun day celebration as a reward for a successful year of hard work. A group of volunteers organised various fun activities for the 150 children to get involved in, all of which were funded and supported by donations and sponsorships. The children took part in face painting, Marie biscuit icing and decorating, hula hoop games, bowling, soccer, Christmas tree crafts and poster colouring. The parents were also invited along so the children could show off their skills and share the fun.

We were so fortunate to have received so much support that we will also be able to provide each child graduating from Masi Educare this year with a graduation pack which will include their graduation certificate and photograph, a sweet treat, a notebook and stationery items.




A big thank you to Kate Meeser for coordinating this fun day, and to Alice McGrath, Jan Roux, Duncan Jackson, Cheyenne Rome and Kirsty Gibbings for volunteering on the day. We are extremely grateful for the  donations and sponsors from: Charlene van Blerk, Helen Benning, Gina Brammer, Anita Ferger, Genee Clarke, Catherine Mullins, Morne Flaum, Melanie Louwrie, Wendy Jenner, Roy Meeser, Jackie Brink, Kim, Barbara Briggs and Charlotte Scott who all gave so generously.




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