Life Skills graduates celebrate achievements in style

There was much glitz and glamour, laughter, singing and praise, on Saturday 1st December, as 24 Evangeline graduates celebrated the successful completion of their six month Life Skills Course.


This course is an ongoing partnership between Evangeline Ministries and Masicorp and takes place twice a year. During this time, students are taught basic sewing techniques, basic English and computer skills, at no charge. This free 6 month course is extremely popular, and has a one year waiting list. At the end of the course, on successful completion and based on regular attendance, the graduates receive a certificate as well as a sewing machine, which they can continue practicing on, hopefully using the skills they have learnt to either find employment, or open their own sewing business.


The graduates showed off their stylish, mostly traditional garments, and were greeted to loud cheers and clapping from the audience, which was made up of proud family members and friends. Almost all of these students (mostly women), had never used a sewing machine or computer before, and for many, their understanding of English was limited. The aim of this course is not only to empower these individuals through skills training, but provide empowerment through personal growth, giving each of them the confidence in themselves to create a better future for themselves and their families.

After successful completion of the course, the graduates have the opportunity to continue learning more about sewing by visiting The Sewing Cafe, at the Chasmay Road Campus. Here they will learn how to operate an industrial sewing machine, and could also be given the opportunity to sew items on commission, assisting The Sewing Cafe to service their clients.

Masicorp is proud to be continue our valued partnership with the Evangeline Life Skills programme, which was established by Dr Wendy Ryan in 2006. Wendy and her team show such commitment and support to their students, and we are pleased to see several graduates from our neighbours in Ocean View take part this year. Ocean View is a community struggling with similar issues to Masi, such as crime, unemployment and poverty. We hope that collaborations such as these will continue to grow,  providing opportunities and hope for members from both communities.


Masicorp thanks Wendy and her team, as well as the many generous funders who make this programme possible.


To learn more about the work of Evangeline Ministries visit their website 


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