The FACE Project (ECD)

Friends of Africa Child Education (FACE) is a group of friends who have decided they want to help children in Africa. After months of research they found a project that would really make a difference.

Priscilla Ludziya and her daughter Indiana have been running a crèche and early learning facility from the ramshackle garage next to their home since 2007. It’s called EKHAYA LOTHANDO :‘HOME OF LOVE’.

Priscilla and her daughter are passionately committed to the children in their care and currently have 33 little ones aged two months to six years-old under their wing. The garage simply needs to be knocked down and replaced with a smart new school building. This is what FACE is committed to achieve. The 20 plus FACE friends agreed to raise the money needed, about £30,000, in a little more than a year.

The new EKHAYA LOTHANDO :‘HOME OF LOVE’ will be purpose built with proper classrooms, toilets and other facilities, as well as all the furniture, books and other supplies needed to give the children a real chance of a better future. The new building will be able to accommodate more than 40 young students.

The plan is to complete the new EKHAYA LOTHANDO :‘HOME OF LOVE’. in early 2014.

FACE will be working closely with MASICORP, who have an experienced team that can coordinate everything from the design and construction through to ongoing support for the school.

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Priscilla with her daughter Indiana and a school helper with the 'Under twos'
Priscilla with her daughter Indiana and a school helper with the ‘Under twos’


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