Ukhanyo School Science Lab

“In our rapidly developing South Africa, a country so rich in natural resources, there is new emphasis on science education, to train all the scientists – all the wildlife conservationists, metallurgists, chemical engineers, virologists, geologists, marine biologists  and ecologists,  just to name a few – the country needs and can support!”

The Science Lab Project started in early 2011 with the objective of equipping the Science teachers of Ukhanyo Primary School with the  confidence, skills and resources necessary to educate young scientists.  The Project Leader, Fran Loudon, initiated this project and has committed 3 years as a full time volunteer.

This has been a highly successful collaborative project between MASICORP and the school. The results so far, in terms of performance results and teacher engagement, have provided a model of teacher support that will now be used in the new Language Lab in the school and a proposed Maths Lab.

“To have a Science Lab was my dream as the principal of Ukhanyo but I did not know that my dream was going to come true. . .  I used to visit Science Labs of different schools and think a Science Lab  was something beyond our reach.  Any parents who could, used to send their children to richer schools but now their mindset has changed because of the Ukhanyo Science Project. Our learners can do  experiments for the first time in their life because before we could only give them theory instead of practical experiments. . . .   what is happening in the Science Room is beyond my expectations.”               

Mr Michael Tyhali, (Ukhanyo Primary School – Principal)

To find out more – see our web site

Or you can see what the Lab looks like on Facebook.

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