More Bicycles for Masiphumelele

20171103_150017_preview.jpegLast week we reported the handover over of 22 bicycles to Ukhanyo Primary School, where a cycling club is being initiated. The same remarkable group of partners has also made a donation of 15 bicycles the Songezo Jim Cycling Academy, who are based at our Chasmay Road Campus. At Masicorp, we are incredibly proud of our partnership with the academy and to have the young cyclists coming and going and treating Chasmay Road Campus as their “home”! Songezo Jim himself will select 15 cyclists to receive these bicycles for participation in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour – there are already fifteen entries to the tour that have been registered.

20171103_144906_previewOur thanks once again to:

CLAREMONT ROTARY who donated R90 000 for the 15 bicycles, spare parts, clothing and equipment that are being handed over to Songezo Jim and have a remarkable track record of philanthropy across many spheres.

PEDAL POWER who have been promoting SAFE CYCLING for over 40 years and have been the mover and shakers to get cycle paths installed wherever possible.

THE CAPE TOWN CYCLE TOUR who as we all know, organises the world’s largest timed cycle race, raising money for a wide variety of projects. It must be a monumental task of organisation and logistics!

BEN BIKES who way back in 2002 began operating from a container on the Sosebenza site in Masiphumelele – now it is a double storey facility! BEN has handed out over 20 000 bicycles and trained 5000 people in safe cycling and bicycle maintenance. We must also thank those from BEN Masiphumelele who have been beavering away assembling the bikes prior to the handover.

QHUBEKA (a Nguni word meaning “to move forward, to progress”) – this organisation hands out bicycles countrywide for people to access schools, clinics, jobs….and run the projects to encourage people everywhere to CYCLE!   Their programmes include “Learn to earn” for kids and “Work to earn” for adults.



Ken Sturgeon and Ian Robertson of Claremont Rotary,

Ian Mills and Sithembiso Gwaza of Qhubeka,

Louis de Waal, Ken Sturgeon,Tim Mosdell and Gordon Laing of BEN,

David Bellairs and Ian Robertson of the Cape Town Cycle Tour and

Robert Vogel of Qhubeka

Songezo Jim and all at Songezo Cycling Academy

Sally Peterson of AWOL Tours, who also have a “home” at Chasmay Road Campus, and through whom Masicorp benefits from with funding every month.

A Cycle Club for Ukhanyo Primary School

The MCC MASI 750 Sports Club is expanding into cycling at Ukhanyo Primary School. Tim Mosdell of the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) handed over 22 bicycles to head of department Sello Matloporo on Friday 20th October at the school assembly, on behalf of a collaboration of NGOs, including Masicorp, BEN and the following partners: Rotary Club of ClaremontPedal Power Association (PPA); Qhubeka; #Bike4All (a joint PPA BEN initiative); Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (CTCTT) and Pedal for Peace.

The handover team of all invoved. Many thanks

It was probably the most memorable assemblies of the year ending with teachers, coaches and learners riding around the quad in celebration.

The Claremont Rotary Club have given a generous donation to both the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club and the Songezo Cycling Academy based at Chasmay Road Campus. They have further provided funding to support the required cycle training for Ukhanyo coaches and learners, after exams and during the holidays.

Tim Mosdell of Ben Bikes spoke at the school assembly saying

“We would like to thank Ukhanyo Primary for hosting this very special event where a fleet of 22 bicycles has been handed over in support of the establishment of a cycling club at the school. In particular, we would like to thank Sello Matloporo, the sports coaches, and all the learners for all their efforts in setting the groundwork for this project.

We would also like to acknowledge the role that MasiCorp has played in facilitating access to the school and community.

While this is a significant step in empowering learners through the use of bicycles, there is a lot more to come in terms of ensuring the sustainability of the project. Some of these activities include:

  • Providing bike maintenance training to the cycling club,
  • Running the “Cool Kid on a Bike” cycling safety program,
  • Running cycling related holiday programs at the school,
  • Providing more bicycles to the club as the club expands.

We are really pleased to be working in such a collaborative way with such a vibrant and enthusiastic community, and look forward to a very strong relationship going forward. Together we can make a huge impact in this community. We urge the learners at the school to get involved in the cycling club and the other sporting initiatives at the school and to have FUN!”

The Cycle Club is being geared to start its journey after training at the end of the 4th term. Take off will be in 2018.

The MCC Masi 750 Sports Club – taking sport onto the streets of Masiphumelele

Project leader Vince van der Bijl reports on three key areas of success for the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club at Ukhanyo Primary School.

KFC mini-cricket weekly competitions for under 7s, 8s, and 9s

When is our turn to bat!The under 7, 8, and 9 mini cricket teams now play in a weekly competition scheduled for the whole fourth term, played at Fish Hoek Primary School together with eight other local schools.

The first Wednesday competition was met with great excitement. The youngsters are doing so well thanks to the mini-cricket sessions played in the quad twice a week under Teddy Nyali and Nceba Jonas’s watchful eyes.

The teams playing in their first ever mini cricket competition performed admirably and the under 8s won their first ever formal match. The keenness and excitement was palpable – we had five coaches there to support and encourage.

Mini-cricket here we come!

Soccer and netball

Nceba met the Ubuntu Football Academy and is working with them to develop a strategy which is to start in the first term of next year. There will initially be two teams (under 11s and 13s). The programme is done in such a way that the boys will be able to attend multiple different sports practices during the week.

Popular netballNetball remains a very strong and competitive sport at Ukhanyo. Teams from all age groups play 12 months of the year such is the demand. One of our partner NGOs, Coolplay, held a successful netball tournament at Ukhanyo working with Nceba and the surrounding schools. It received high acclaim from those involved and may be the start of more such tournaments next year.

2018 will therefore introduce School soccer teams for the first time and expand the player base of netball. Watch this space.

Sporting Chance Street Cricket and Soccer Tournament back in Masiphumelele

Brad Bing the founder of NGO partner, Sporting Chance, has for years run an amazing street cricket and soccer event which electrifies the communities in which they operate. Masiphumelele was chosen to be involved this year.

Bradlyn Stuurman, from Sporting Chance, assisted us on the first Friday. Twelve teams of six Ukhanyo under 13 players, chosen in teams named after the Masiphumelele streets in which they live, contest to be the Masiphumelele Champions – the local final will be played on November 24th. The teams alternate on Fridays playing soccer and cricket. Two girls have to be selected in each team – 72 learners and 12 coaches are involved between 1 and 3 every Friday.

The winning team plays in the Provincial final the following week against the best teams from Langa and Khayelitsha for the coveted Street Sport Title.

New Sports Coaches Getting Involved at Ukhanyo Primary School

Visitors to Ukhanyo School are sure to have noticed the big changes in PE that have taken place since the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club launched a few months ago. The first change is the number of staff involved in delivering sports education to the learners. Through volunteers and staff at the school there are now 14 coaches participating in addition to project leader Vince van der Bijl himself.

Pam enthusing the kidsHead coach Nceba Jonas remains in charge of Athletics, Soccer, Netball (together with Fez Payi the vice-capt. and Pam Ngcwama as a coach) and there is now a cycling club (Kwanele Lunga, the vice capt. with Nokuthula Gomba (Tula) and Vuyiswa Ninyusa (Lola) as coaches)

Sports coordinator Teddy Nyali is in charge of administration, head of rugby (Frank Charlie, the vice capt. and Xolani Mahlulo as coach) and cricket (Sergio Presence and Jade Schoeman as vice-capts.) and for mini-cricket (Vuyolwethu Gunguluza (Vuvu) and Lubabalo Peter as vice-capts.)

Five educators from the school have voluntarily put their names forward to coach after school. The most exciting shift. David Lewis, a seasoned cricket coach, ex cricketer and businessman attends every practice and assists with mentoring the cricket coaches

 The start of things to come

All 14 fulltime and part-time sports coaches at Ukhanyo workshopped and have agreed on The Coach Code of Behaviour. It has both key words and the actions which sets the approach required for competitive and fair sports activity.

Some examples of the key performance indicators are to lead by example, be respectful at all times, positive attitude, team first always, and of course to win with humility and lose graciously

As well as the learners at the school, the programme is assisting with the personal development of the coaching team themselves. Vince and Nceba recently attended a day of the Elite Sports Summit in Cape Town which featured high performance directors from the Great Britain Cycling team, Manchester City Academy, Blue Jays Baseball Academy in Canada, a sports psychologist from Australia, a 7s rugby coach who took Fiji to a gold medal in the Rio Olympics, Gary Kirsten and Jean de Villiers.

Nceba and Vince

The day gave the pair a broad and deep perspective of how the best in the world run sports performance coaching and disciplines.

Good Progress with Art Therapy

We recently reported on the introduction of art therapy into our ECD provision in Masiphumelele. Under the guidance of Yandiswa Mazwane, a local art therapist from Masiphumelele, the program has proven to be a big success. Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Art therapy for children can provide youngsters with an easier way to express themselves since children are more naturally artistic and creative. For example, a young child is likely to be more comfortable initially expressing him/herself with some crayons and markers than they would be at expressing emotions and feelings through words.


The program has been running with between 20 and 39 children and was initially based on our stay & play group at the library, but has since expanded to include Masi Educare. The children have been able to work with paper, ink and even clay. Yandiswa explains the benefits of this:

In this session I have noticed self-respect and respect for others is shown strongly. Children are learning to respect their own individuality, uniqueness, creative expression and to respect the creative work of others. This was very surprising because normally they will want to touch and take from each other, but with clay everybody was focusing on decorating their craft work and there was silence at some point. Although they were shown what to do with clay their confidence in showing their own capabilities was surely there. In this way, this is how we see them developing their art making skills and at the same time developing confidence. Working without comparing themselves to others was my highlight.

Another activity the children have participated in is the Thankful Turkey. Again Yandiswa explains the benefits:

We have used the following materials cardboard paper, bright colour papers, scissors, glue and colour pencils. They were asked to think of people who make them feel special and think of special times. They were asked to write or draw these person’s names on the wings on feathers of their turkey.  On their list appeared lots of moms, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, and one or two dads were written. Children were asked to think about Christmas time and their birthdays and share what comes to mind first. This brought some excitement to them and they began to shout out loud for cake new clothes, present and toys. Again, there were very quiet kids that we needed to get closer to and have one on one conversations about what happens at home during those times of the year and goes back to their parent’s unemployment and poverty.

One of the beauties of art as therapy is the ability for a person to express their feelings through any form of art. For children at the pre-school level this is not only a learning experience, but is also helping their teachers to identify and help those learners that may need extra attention.


International Exposure for Masiphumelele Library

Masiphumelele library is a key resource for the community, providing both standard library services and valuable outreach and educational programmes. However, many visitors to the library may not realise just how much of a model the library has become to communities elsewhere in Africa, and now also Europe. As part of both the library and Masicorp team, Nyasha Maziye recently had the opportunity to share his experience of ICT training at Masiphumelele Library with fellow public librarians in Lithuania and Poland. Nyahsa has lived in Masiphumelele since 2007 and completed his UNISA degree in accountancy, with financial assistance from Masicorp in 2011. He has worked as both a volunteer and staff at the library and currently delivers IT training from beginner to advanced levels at the library.


Previously he has visited both western and eastern Africa to showcase the learning programmes on offer in Masiphumelele as part of the Young African Library Innovators initiative (IYALI). This was his first visit to Europe to explain how Masiphumelele Library has successfully piloted innovative services.

Masiphumelele Library opened in 2003 and was Masicorp’s first major project in the community. It initially operated with donations of books, but is now under City of Cape Town management. Masicorp and other NGO’s provide for extra staff, additional outreach programmes, and the computer room which can only operate with external funding. Masicorp has currently secured overseas funding to deliver IT training from the library. Nyasha has played a crucial role in delivering Masicorp’s IT program at the library and this was the focus of his presentation to the IYALI group at the National Library of Lithuania.

The meeting was held in Eastern Europe to coincide with the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) general conference, which was hosted in Wrocław, Poland. Nyasha and the IYALI delegates were also able to attend, which provided a huge opportunity to network and further spread the news of the innovative programs on offer in Masiphumelele. One of the delegates sought out Nyasha to thank him for presenting to them in Uganda as part IYALI in an earlier meeting, and explained how they had begun to offer similar IT training from a library in Entebbe. It seems that the innovative work happening at Masiphumelele Library is being noticed and held up as an example of good practice elsewhere in Africa.

Around the world, libraries are increasingly seen as more than just a location to borrow books and read or study. As the world becomes ever more digitized, libraries must become more innovative and use their spaces effectively to meet the needs of local communities. On returning to Masiphumelele, Nyasha was able to share some examples of how the Eastern Europeans are using their libraries. Could we be seeing this in Masiphumelele in the near future?

The Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport visits Ukhanyo

Earlier this week Anroux Marais, the Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, visited Ukhanyo Primary School  at the invitation of Vince van der Bijl the project leader of the MCC Masi 750 Sports Club. and the school principal, Michael Thayali.


The Minister first attended the Traditional Dance group practice session. Milli Firth, Masicorp MD, then took the Minister to the specialist English Lab sponsored by Masicorp and discussed the NGO’s academic support programme of the school.


The Minister was entertained by a netball practice and then a PE class conducted by Nceba Jonas. The cricket net practice was in full swing with over 50 cricketers – both boys and girls. Girls cricket has been recently introduced at the school for the first time and there was an array of coaches for the minisiter to meet – headed by sport coordinator Teddy Nyali.

The Minister concluded her visit with a meeting at the Masicorp offices to discuss the possible ways the Western Cape Government can assist the school and the project with its sport and cultural affairs agenda.