The ‘Life Skills’ Programme

For the past 5 years, Evangeline Ministries, has run a life-skills programme, led by Wendy Ryan, for disadvantaged women who live in Masiphumelele. MASICORP helps fund this.

The women are taught to sew by trained teachers from Masi and when they graduate, each woman receives a new sewing machine which will help them to earn a living to support themselves and their families.. More than 100 women have graduated from this programme.   During the six month training period, they also have the opportunity to learn basic computer and English skills. Class days are filled with teaching and lively interaction with each other and their teachers.

Wendy and Evangeline Ministries have joined MASICORP in partnership and together we have exciting plans to extend and develop this highly successful and valuable programme.


  1. Good day 🙂 this is indeed a fantastic organization which contribute to the success of every human being in various surrounding . It makes one realize that its not impossible to achieve something in life.

    I admire your concern , may you reach your development as always.

    I have a Question though.

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