Saturday Morning Maths Skills for Masiphumelele Students

It has been unseasonabally warm in the Western Cape this weekend. With temperatures well into the twenties and bright blue skies many locals have headed for the hills and beaches to take advantage of the unusual winter heatwave. Not so at Masiphumele High School where the grade 9 students were queuing up for extra science and maths tuition on Saturday morning.

school-saturday Rob Douglas from Fish Hoek High initiated the successful program, which has been running for a couple of years now with financial assistance from Masicorp. The project involves staff from Masiphumelele High School, and colleagues from the nearby and more affluent Fish Hoek High School. A typical Saturday starts with Masiphumelele staff preparing the room as learners arrive for a 9.30 start. Up to 220 students have turned up as news of the program has spread through the community via letters and SMS’s to parents. Allison Grobelaar from Fish Hoek High is first up to take the students through a science session. Theory and practical demonstrations are part of the class, which has been a new addition to this year’s program.

Mr Rob (Fish Hoek High) and his counterpart Mr Mlandu (Masiphumelele High) lead the main maths session and set the students homework assignments.

teachersThe learners sit in small teams and are given instruction via a large projected image on the wall of the main hall. An interactive computer program has been provided with the assistance of Masicorp and allows the viewing of videos and past examination papers for the students to review.

The learners and staff at Masiphumele High have benefitted enormously from the knowledge and mentoring of staff at Fish Hoek’s excellent high school. The extra tuition for the township students can only help advance their Matric prospects and their willingness to attend is a testament to the quality of education on offer and their positive attitude toward learning. Of course all of this would be impossible if it was not for the time given to the program by the staff at both schools for which we can only give our continued thanks.

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