Thanks to our Cape Argus riders

Every year in March the Cape Peninsula hosts the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour. The 109 kilometre cycle race from the CBD around the peninsula and back into the city via Chapmans Peak features 35 000 cyclists and is the world’s largest individually timed cycle race.  Among the many riders who took part this year everyone at Masicorp is extremely grateful to Chris Ritchie and Geoff Kendall who rode to raise funds for Masicorp projects. Indeed all the riders deserve praise for competing on an extremely windy day across the city – for a full review of the race and more pictures please click HERE

Chris is the son of Masicorp’s Al Ritchie, who does an excellent job of managing our seedlings program. Chris has specifically raised funds to support the early childhood development initiatives that the program supports. A resident of London, he has been practicing for the race with a 20 km commute into the city each day and several longer rides in the countryside at weekends. Although he just missed his target finish time we are very grateful to Chris for his efforts.

argusGeoff Kendall was riding the race with his brother Gary, who moved to Cape Town in 2011. On their first Argus race they were proud to finish despite being overtaken by a man on a unicycle and a pantomime cow on a tandem. This time around they did the race on fold up bicycles that raised more than a few laughs when they cycled past Masiphumelele. Geoff and Gary kept us up to speed with their efforts via twitter and we also thank them very much.

Both riders have a just giving charity page and although they currently have raised a significant sum please note that the website will accept donations for three months after the event. Please consider supporting both riders if you can.

See Chris’s page HERE

And Geoff & Gary’s page HERE


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